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Monday, August 25, 2008

Communication is important.

A few times a year I will be asked to pick up the slack for a different painting contractor who didn't complete his job to the homeowners (or general contractors) standards. Such is the case in only 2 scenerios:
1. The contractor didn't have the skill to do the job he said he could do or
2. The homeowner and contractor didn't communicate the proper standard for the job.

A professional standard is the only standard to expect out of a painting contractor. With that said. Different levels of finish can be provided at different prices.
Example: A painting contractor could get a peice of previously painted cedar siding totally smooth by using a power sander. That same peice of previsouly painted cedar could simply be scraped and scuff sanded.
Both examples would fall under the category of "professional" painter work. The board will not, however look the same after being painted.
The example are endless. It is the contractors reponsibility to point this out the the customer. It is the customers responsibility to communicate what they want after the the professional painting contractor has given them their options.
If the the painting contractor has given the homeowner the options, and the homeowner has told the painting contractor that it is not important to them (or the homeowner picks one option), then any changes from that plan may require an additional work order. With that said the homeowner may be required to pay more money.
Generally speaking homeowners are not excited about additional work orders. For that reason, communication prior to work starting is probably one of the most important things a professional painting contractor can do for his customers.