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Friday, December 4, 2009

Powerful lighting will result in flawless interior work

Q: What is the very best way to insure a flawless finish on interior paint work?
A: Start with very powerful lighting?

Prior to starting a interior paint job we do all the things that the homeowner expects us to do (tape off the base board, cover the floors, fix large holes with multiple coats of mud).
The difference between doing these things with powerful lighting versus that rooms normal lighting is significant. Prior to starting the Spackle or mud repair we bring a 2 bulb halogen light stand into each room and shine it on each wall. This allows us to see ALL of the imperfections from the previous paint job. This will add time to the mud repair and also show us the correct amount of paint that should be applied (2 or 3 coats). Often times 2 coats looks adequate in a rooms normal lighting but under the halogen lighting it becomes obvious that 3 coats are necessary.
This will take a little longer and may add some expense in painting cost but the end result will be better. It you have a house you plan to live in for a extended period of time it is worth it to take the time and do it with powerful lighting.

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