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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Primer and top coat v 2 top coats over the factory primer

Q: If my hardboard or hardie plank comes with factory primer should I still prime it in the field.
Y: Yes- If you want the job to last a long time (perhaps 15 or 20 years) before it is ready to be re-painted then I would recommend using a top quality exterior primer followed by 2 top coats. Factory primers a thinned down, and while then tend to cover all areas, they do not have the body that a quality exterior field applied primer has. A quality field applied primer dries down to a higher millage and thus will give you better hide with the top coat, easier coverage with the top coat, better adhesion with the top coat and a more flawless finish.
One other aspect that is often overlooked is the fact that after installation of any type of siding there will be hand marks, factory oil marks, packaging marks, dust from saw blades, dust from the air and a host of other things that should be washed off. Even after washing, there will still be dust from the air and un-primed caulking lines so you are better off using a primer in those instances anyway.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Peel away at a large job

When should I use a chemical stripping agent like Peel Away on my cedar shake or siding?

Answer: When your old siding has so many coats that you can not effectivley scrape them, scuff sand them or use a orbital sander without damaging the contour of the grain. Here is a house in Hopkins in a very high profile neighborhood where the homeowner decided he wanted the shake to look like new. The wood was in good condition and the normal scuff sand, spot prime and top coat paint job was not going to cut it. We used 30 or more gallons of peel away and it removed the paint down to the bare wood or primer. I suspect there was between 6 and 10 coats of paint on it. When we are done I'll post more pics but I can see already its going to look like new.

Here you can see that the peel away stripped it down to the bare wood in many areas and only left a very thin coat of primer in the areas where it did not bring it down to bare wood. After a prime and top coat it will look like new.
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