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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Here are some more pics a full paint removal

The blue tape square is after the sanding
Hepa Vac Required to meet lead safe rules
The pic with the full wall wood shake shows the siding after grinding but before sanding

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Lead safe practices when you are dealing with wood siding

Q: What is the best way to keep my old growth wood siding, and get a paint job that last while still following the lead safe requirements
A: Use a certified painting contractor with experience is fully restoring wood siding.

There are different levels of prep involved with exterior painting. Sometimes someones wants a standard scrape and scuff sand job and sometimes someone wants the surface to be washed only. Other times a person is ready to remove ALL of the exterior coating and start from scratch. It is the job of the painting contractor to make sure they communicate with the homeowner to be sure they are giving them the desired result.
One area that I run into a lot is when homeowners have lead paint but have very nice old growth wood siding or wood shake. They don't want to simply paint over the existing paint job and they don't want to spend triple what it would cost of paint the house just to put up some composite siding that claims to be as good as wood.
A great solution for wood siding is to grind off the paint using a paint striping machine and then sand the bare wood with a orbital sander.
It should be noted that if this is going to be done you should use lead safe practices and work with a contractor that has removed lead paint before. There are rules covering a safe work place environment and disposal and should be followed.
If lead is present all of these rules need to be followed regardless if you want a standard scrape job or all the paint fully removed.

Here are some pictures of a full lead paint removal job. The homeowners had beautiful old growth wood shake. They didn't want to re-coat the paint that was in terrible condition and didn't want to spend 30 thousand or more on new siding (that many would argue doesn't perform as well anyway)
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