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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hiring a Reputable Painting Contractor

Hiring a reputable painting contractor is the very first step in assuring success with your painting project. How does a homeowner or business owner go about doing this?  One of the first steps you can take is by checking out your local Better Business Bureau. Find at least three contractors with no complaints with an A rating. Or you may know a friend or family member who have used a contractor in the past that they have had success with. You should always get at least three quotes no matter how you find them.

The contractor that you wind up choosing should provide you with the following items:

1. A written proposal explaining exactly what they will do, the materials they will use, and exactly what the job will cost.

2. A list of references with phone numbers that you may call. The list should have at least 20-30 names with the city that the job was done in and the type of work that was done. My reference list has either an I, E, and or R after each name to show if the job was interior, exterior, or repeat customer. A refence list such as this insures that it is not a list of just family and friends.

3. Proof of business insurance and workers comp. insurance. More on this in another article. Any reputable contractor will have both.

4. If your home was built before 1978, then by law, the contractor MUST be certified by the EPA to work in/on your house. Any reputable contractor will show his/her certificate as proof that they are certified. The certification has to do with lead dust/paint. More on that in another article.

5. You are paying hard earned money for a contractor to perform a job for you. Do yourself a favor and hire a Professional, not a Jack of All Trades. There are simply to many handymen, roofing contractors, siding contractors, drywallers, etc... that attach Painting as a service that they provide. If you want to achieve a quality job that lasts, then hire  a real Painting Contractor. Real painting contractors paint day in, day out, and know what materials to use, what tools to use, and know the tricks of the trade to achieve a paint job that you will marvel over.

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